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Admup FAQ

Effective Date: October 1, 2020

What does the app do?

Admup is a mobile app that connects advertisers to Android smartphone users through smartphones’ lock screen. It then pays users cash from the advertising income from the ads viewed.

Where to download?

You can download the app from the website Currently it is only available in Hong Kong. The service will be rolled out internationally soon.

Where to get referrer code?

You must have a referrer code in order to install the app. You need to find someone who has already installed the app to get their user code as your referral code.

How to install?

Once the app is downloaded, press install button to install. It will ask you a series of yes or no question on whether you accept certain permissions.  Press “Yes” to all in order to install the app. If you don’t want to give permissions, please don’t install the app and delete the downloaded app.

There is no ad showing

It takes a few minutes for the ad to show after your first time installation. If still no ads showing, make sure you open the Admup app, it is possible that the app is closed and not active. In addition, let’s make sure the smartphone is connected to the Internet through either wifi or cellular network. For some smartphones, the user needs to go to Settings, Apps, Manage Apps, Admup, then enable “Display pop-up windows while running in the background” and “Display pop-up window”.

Ad only shows when app is in foreground

Please See above

Ad stops showing after awhile

Make sure you reactive the app by clicking on it.  Also see above “There is no ad showing

How to find out my balance?

The balance estimate is shown on the app home page. The actual balance is calculated after the accurate advertising income is tabulated.

How to find my friends statistics?

The number of friends and friends‘ friends are show on the app. Due to privacy issue, detailed statistics are not shown.

How to get paid?

Once the accrued income is over HKD100, you can submit a redeeming request. The money will be sent out within 48 hours to the designated account or e-wallet.

How often we get paid?

The user needs to be an active user for 1 month in order to get paid. After the 1st month of use, users can request cash withdrawal at anytime, subject to minimum amount.

What is the minimum payout and why this amount?

HKD 100.

Is there any charge for payout?

Subject to the payee’s account, some banks or e-wallets charge a transaction fee, and these fees are to be borne by the users.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

Money transfer is a sensitive issue, KYC(Know Your Client) and AML(Anti-Money Laundry) rules are standard. We require users to submit official form of identification to meet this standard.

How to verify my identity?

Users need to submit official form of identification, for example either Hong Kong ID card or national passport copy with photo.

What do I need to do to get paid?

Just make sure the app is active, you operate your phone as normal. If you see ads that are interesting, feel free to click into it. Otherwise, no other requirement.

How long do I need to wait to get paid?

After the 1st month, there’s no time requirement, only the minimum withdrawal amount requirement.

Payment is unsuccessful

Please allow 48 hours for payment to go through.If payment still doesn’t appear, please contact support at

How much can I earn?

There’s no limit on how much you can earn. The total amount is subject to the number of times you view ads on your lock screen, and that of your referred friends and their referred friends. Please refer to the Earning Calculator on the app or the website to estimate your earnings.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, you don’t need to pay anything.

Can I keep clicking every day? What is the maximum amount of ads?

To prevent ad fraud, we’ve capped each phone’s maximum ad showing to be 200.  If you are a heavy user of the phone, please feel free to click more, but only 200 times a day will be counted towards your earnings.

Why do I need a referral code?

The net-work marketing is the key feature of our service, we want to make sure that the earnings are being distributed to the users. Therefore we must have a referral code in order to use the service.

Why should I refer friends?

You don’t have to, but if it’s just yourself, the earning’s limited to the value of your one person’s ads viewed. You will refer to your friends if you wan to increase your earnings and to help them to earn money as well.

Why can’t I find this in the Play Store?

We are a service platform that potentially disrupting the existing mega players like Google, so we want to maintain independent.

How do I close an ad?

You can simply swipe left, right, clicking on the Admup symbol, or press the back button of your android phone. We want to make the process of close an ad easy for you.

Do I need to click on the ads?

Only if you find the ad interesting or of value, and you want to see more details.

Why is this free? Are you stealing any data?

It’s not free, your data is used to enhance the value of your attention, therefore your earnings power. We strive to uphold the highest standard in terms of protecting users‘ private data, will never sell to third parties or do anything to harm our users. Our sole purpose to help users to monetize this value.

Why can’t an Apple iPhone user use this?

The iPhone’s iOS system is a closed system that does not allow third party developers to capture the lock screen page to show advertisings. There’s nothing we can do to change Apple’s way of doing business. We will continue to closely monitor Apple’s policy, and will attempt to pursuade them to allow our service to work on their phones to create value for iPhone users.

Why is it only available in Hong Kong, when will it be available in other countries?

The service is initially rolled out in Hong Kong, and will be rolling out to other countries shortly. If you believe certain countries should have priority, please let us know why and we will do our best to accommodate