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About Us

We are unsatisfied with how the 600 billion USD a year advertising industry carves up the pie and we the consumers are not getting any benefit, we are unsatisfied with how a handful of companies are dominating our time, attention and how they are influencing our mind and wallet, and we are unsatisfied with how the wealth gap continues to widen, helplessly. We want to do something about it.

Our Story:

Admup is a mobile platform built to connect advertising merchants and smartphone users, so value can be paid to consumers directly, in hard dollars. We aim to empower millions of users around the world to leverage off the personal data, use their network effect to spread this novel approach of building a recurring passive income. Founded in 2017, Admup is based in Hong Kong, is a 100% founder/employee owned business. As we are revolutionizing one of the most convoluted and opaque industries, and challenging world’s biggest ad revenue based social media titans, we are excited and we are eager to make it happen.

Our motto is that we are a mobile community platform of the users, by the users and for the users, we will do our damnedest to work for you, the billions of consumers. We had this idea for more than 6 years, tinkered with it for 3 years, waiting maybe someone bigger would have started something similar. But when nothing happened and nobody else is jumping in, we decided it’s time for us to take the lead and give it a push. Our success is your success. We wish everyone success on our platform. We have much bigger goals and targets for Admup, this is just a start.

Let the revolution begin!

Our Culture:

Admup strives to create a company culture of creative, results driven, humble and independent. We like some company’s motto “Don’t be evil”, but we like this motto more “Do the right thing for consumers”. Everything we do, we think what’s in it for our users; every effort we make, we consider how does that improve our user experience and earnings; every change we make, we want to know how does that improve our user experience. As we are human, not a line of code in a program, we also want to have fun while we work. So we encourage our employees to have different passion, to develop different talent, to enjoy life experience. We are a bunch of highly driven people get together to change the world and have fun while at it.
Giving Back

ADMUP is committed to donate 10% of profits to community charities